Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lucy head butted me this morning when I was syringing her medicine down her.  Actually it was afterwards, we were having quality time as she rolled the molasses in the mix around in her mouth.  I had my head laid over her neck, petting her & she raised her head up, so it actually wasn't a head butt.  More like the top of her head met my lower lip.  Boy I hate it when that happens.........!!!!  It's black & swollen, I was going to attach a picture. But when I saw a close up of my wrinkles I couldn't decide which looked worse, my lip or the wrinkles.  It will be better for you to just use your imagination........!!! (G)

This morning I was laying in bed contemplating my day, & heard a grinding noise in the spa room.  Sounded just like something gnawing on wood.  Got up out of my warm cocoon to check & caught Justin & Pepsi.  Well, I didn't exactly catch them, I caught them standing within a foot of wooden frame on the window.    For some reason the minis like to eat finished wood.  A couple of years ago we thought Cheyenne was going to eat the whole well house.  She finally quit when she had a hole almost big enough for her to walk thru in the back wall.  Hasn't touched it again, even when John replaced the wall with new unchewed "yummy" wall.  

It seems like lately, I am getting at least one call almost everyday from someone trying to rehome an equine.   I wish we could take them all, but we just recently managed to get our numbers down to our self imposed limit.  At one time this year we were over by 5 & that wasn't even counting the 2 that were in a foster home.  Most of them are older, & have issues, which is so heart breaking.  I had a woman call this morning about a 23 year old horse that could only be a companion.  She's had him on Craigslist & is afraid some of the people that have called are interested in taking him to Mexico for slaughter.  There are people in this area making a living picking up free horses & hauling them across the border.  We talked for awhile & I finally told her if it was me & I had to rehome him for whatever reason, & could no longer keep him, I would euthanize him.  I almost cried when I said it, anyone that knows me knows I didn't say it without thinking of the horse first & foremost.  To allow an animal that really has no value go out into the unknown, to maybe be passed around or neglected, is cruel, & should never happen.  They all deserve better. 

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Don't feel guilty about recommending euthanasia; it is good advice. Some may disagree and 10 years ago I would have been one of those. We were in a similar situation but with a Rottweiler, not a horse. We had a dominant female (dominant, not aggressive).

Once when we were walking down the road, the neighbor's dog jumped onto her. From that time on she was obsessed with that dog and would have killed it sooner or later. Even though my dog didn't start the problem, who would have been blamed if the problem escalated - the person with the Rottweiler or the lab-mix? Rescue groups refused to take her because I was honest when asked if she had ever bit another dog (even though it was self-defense). We tried to find a home but was afraid someone would get her for fighting. So I made an appointment to have her put down.

She loves riding in the car and was thrilled to go 'for a ride'. It was better to let her go to sleep while being petted and pampered by someone who loves her than torn apart in a fighting ring or made mean and become a dangerous dog. Happily, it all worked out! While in the waiting room of the vet's office, a blind man and his wife were there to have their animal put to sleep. We talked... and now I am happy to say she is living a useful life as a blind man's companion. It couldn't have turned out any better!

BTW, we have 1 Poitou and 3 Sicilian donkeys, all miniatures, we rescued about 10 years ago.

Tish said...

I know it would be the best for Louie, but it certainly doesn't make it any easier to say. He was shown a lot when he was young, but once his legs started going, he started on the familiar downhill slide so many of these guys end up going on.

What a great story about your dog, & what a wonderful happy result. Rottweilers are such good dogs with a reputation they don't deserve. Doesn't it make you wonder, how your paths happened to cross like they did? If you had been there an hour later or on a different day the outcome would have been different.

Aren't donkey just the perfect companion? Their ability to forgive & to trust again amazes me. Give your guys a hug for me. said...

Yes, donkeys are amazing! I mentioned our donkeys were rescued. Four of them were being kept in a one car garage in dirty straw and muck up to their knees. They weren't given food or water regularly. I just started my blog and don't have much content yet. But soon hope to get our donkeys' story on it.

Am following your blog. Will check in with you now and then, maybe we can swap stories, encouragement, and share experiences. ---Kimber

Tish said...

It's dreadful what people do with animals & see nothing wrong with it. John won't let me carry a gun when we go on a rescue, he's afraid I'll shoot someone & he'll have to do chores by himself.........! LOL They are lucky you found them.

Do keep in touch, I checked out your web-site & to say I love your house is an understatement. You'll never get done fixing it, but what an adventure.