Thursday, December 09, 2010

Well I got a couple of surprises today.  This morning I was taking Lucy's boots off & as usual she wasn't lifting her feet without a tussle.  By this time she knows the drill, but still doesn't cooperate.  I'm of the "squeeze the tendon" until she gives up school of thought.  As I was squeezing she tried a new method of getting rid of me........walking away.  It would have only been an irritant, except I was in front of her.  She literally bowled me over, pulled a muscle in my back & landed me on my butt.  I swear when I was yelling & giving her what for, she just looked at me like, "don't blame me, if you don't have enough sense to stay out of the way".   Grrrrrrrr!  

When I went out this afternoon to start feeding, as I went out the door, I saw Sha'ba running as fast as he can, with Quilla trying to catch him.  WHAT WAS THAT...............??????  Sha'ba usually stays away from the other donkeys, & I've never seen Quilla move any faster than a walk for any reason.  I took off after Quilla with my sore back & bruised butt & he finally broke off the chase.  Then I chased him around & let him know in no uncertain terms that chasing Sha'ba is NEVER allowed, by anyone for any reason. Then I went to find Sha'ba, poor little guy.  He actually can run pretty good on his broken fetlock, but he doesn't need to get chased.  I put Sha'ba in his pen & headed for the feed room.  Quilla came up to me & acted like he was trying to make up with me.  He pushed his head against me & just stood there.  No one has ever even paid any attention to Sha'ba, so I'm going to be on guard for awhile to see if there is something going on.  

Still don't have the boots for Jenny, she's been walking lightly since Courtney trimmed her Monday.  Courtney keeps forgetting to order them.  Boots have really made a difference for Lucy, & I'm hoping they will help Jenny too.  

C.J. got trimmed Monday too & she is really walking much better, no limp at all.  She sure is a perky little thing, & Rusty is absolutely smitten with her.  If she is in her pen, he's standing by it.  If she is out, he is right by her side.  Poor Jack the other mule, has become the odd man out, his old buddy Rusty doesn't have time for him anymore now that he has his little girlfriend. 

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