Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I went to meet Flora & Fauna today.  Their owner is over 90 years old, & has dementia unfortunately.  Today was not a good day for her, she wouldn't come out of her bedroom to talk to her daughter & me.  Her daughter hasn't been able to make her understand that it's time for the girls to be rehomed for everyone's sake.  

We will pick them up Friday & had planned on taking them into their foster home over the week-end.  But Flora, the daughter has got a large pocket of habronema larvae underneath one eye.  I wouldn't start Rebecca out with something like that, so they will be coming out here for probably a couple of weeks, until I can get a handle on the problem, hopefully.  

They are really cute, a little smaller than average standards & were more than willing to come up to the fence to get carrots.  Flora has never had a halter on, & Fauna hasn't had one on for years..............sooooooo..........friendly but unhandled is just about a perfect description.  We will take corral panels to make a small area around the back of the trailer. to "funnel" them in.   They are on 5 acres, so we will certainly need to get them into a smaller area, or run them around until they get tired....!!!! (G)  The first option sounds much better to me.  

Tomorrow we will take C.J. the little mini horse to her new home.  She's only been here about 6 weeks, but has already wiggled her way into our hearts & Rusty the mule too.  I looked out the bedroom window this morning & they were snacking on mesquite leaves.  He'd wait until she moved, then he'd move, so he's really going to miss her.  At least Jack will get Rusty back as his running buddy, he's been left out, since C.J. arrived.  

Noelle is still in her pen & has finally settled down & isn't trying to entice everything that moves. I noticed yesterday the front of her mouth looks funny.  I checked her mouth, which really wasn't appreciated, & found that she only has 2 little bitty teeth right in front on top.  The teeth themselves look deformed, so I wonder if her teeth have always been like that, very strange.  When she is more cooperative I'll try to take pictures.  I checked & she has her back teeth.  She won't take treats out of our hands, but is now eating animal crackers if we put them in her pan.  I started her on pergolide this morning, she has a lot of the symptoms of Cushings, so we'll see if this makes a difference.  We would usually let her out tomorrow to roam the property with the rest, but since we'll be delivering C.J. she is going to have to wait probably until Saturday to be "wild & free".  Once John lets the rest out at night, he opens all the connecting gates, so she has access to all the pens on the east side. 

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