Monday, December 20, 2010


Talked to James at Hoofprints on the Heart &  it looks like we're going back tomorrow for the black mare & the kicker.  It will be easier to load them in a stock trailer, than in a horse trailer & we have the stock trailer.

Found out that the jack kicked the owner pretty bad, which is why he was talking about letting the rescue take him.  We are hoping that he hasn't changed his mind & will let us load him up too.  Of course once we have him, what do we do with him?  They have the 4 jennies in the pen they had planned on putting him in before.  He probably could still go in with them, since they are no doubt already pregnant.  They have a vet ready & willing to geld him, so we just have to get possession.  

Christmas is getting here much too quickly.  I have managed to get most of my shopping done, but not a package wrapped yet.  I had planned on doing that tomorrow, but guess not.  I maybe wrapping gifts in the van on the way to our son's house in Tucson, Christmas Eve, at this rate.  (G)

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