Friday, December 03, 2010


Boy, we're about as busy as a 3 legged cat in a cat box......!!!!!  I know, not a politically correct "saying", but it's been around longer than me, & for some reason I always thought it was funny.......!!!  This year we got one of those shade thingies that are suppose to go up in seconds.............yes......seconds.  

This afternoon we thought we should try to put it up to make sure it was possible.  I'm sure after you do it a time or two, it gets easier.  BUT, the 1st time was not quick & easy.  In fact it brought out all the reasons John & I have managed to be married almost 50 years.  Because we "NEVER ever ever" try to work together.......ever....!!!  To say we approach a project from totally different directions is an understatement.  So when we do have to work together it can get dicey.  About 1/2 hour, a lot of direction reading, a lot of head shaking,  "discussion",  & voile', we got the darn thing up, on the courtyard.  It would be nice if we could put it up & leave it up overnight out where we will set up the tables.  But as we were wrestling with it, the donkeys were outside the gate, taking everything they could find out of the golf cart.  I can imagine what it would look like after a night of fun & games.  So we'll have to put it up & take it down overnight.  Of course once it's up it's 10 x 10, & can't be moved.  So we had to take it down to manageable size to move outside in the morning.  And we are still talking to each other.......... (G)

We've heard from a couple of the volunteers, letting us know they will be here, so that's good.  The weather is suppose to be nice & sunny, so hopefully a lot of people will stop by & visit with the donkeys.  They have to stay in their pens for the day, & usually start yelling before the people start showing up.  But once the people get here, & start walking around with cups of timothy pellets, it's SHOWTIME..................!!!!   The donkeys all have their own ways of getting the people's attention, it's fun to watch them..........if we have time. 


Anonymous said...

The open house sounds like so much fun, I wish I lived close so I could come to it.

Tish said...

I'm sure you would have fun, especially if you are a long ear lover.