Monday, November 29, 2010


 This is what happens when you sleep around....!

Next Saturday & Sunday will be our  Open House in conjunction with the 30th annual  Cascabel Christmas Fair.  So this week will be a busy one getting ready.  I certainly hope the weather gets better by then.  It's been cold & windy the last few days.  The weatherman says it should be in the 70's, so we'll see if he knows what he's talking about.  

This morning I decided to try the foaming waterless bath for C.J.  You are suppose to spray it on, pat it in, & "voila"  clean animal.  NOT..........!!!!!!  I couldn't tell it did anything except make her hair wet, it certainly didn't clean her dirty white hair.  So I decided to fall back on an old trick my Daddy used with the show dogs.  He actually normally used talcum powder to keep the light colored dogs from getting dirty or staining their hair.  He raised & showed cocker spaniels & all that hair could really get messy in the kennel or when they were traveling to shows in a crate.  In a pinch he would use cornstarch.  I figured it couldn't hurt, so I took handfuls of cornstarch & rubbed it into her white areas.  I haven't brushed it out yet, but she certainly is looking whiter.  I've got to get some more cornstarch before I can do all of her.  But I envision her being bright & shiny by Saturday.  Some of the others that are light colored, Quilla, Lucy, & Rusty, could use a little touch-up too.  Probably ought to buy 3 or 4 boxes of cornstarch tomorrow when we go to town. 

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