Saturday, November 20, 2010

C.J. IS DOING GREAT.........!!!

She's perky, hungry, & all the trimming & cleaning out Courtney did on her feet didn't seem to make her feet sore, which is a miracle.  Courtney really took off a lot of hoof & all of her frogs, they were full of thrush.  I soaked her yesterday morning in White Lightening.      Courtney is going to try to come out in a week or so & see how she is doing.   I will try to get pictures of her feet as soon as I can, they sure look a lot better.  

Courtney & I are trying to figure out a set of boots for Jenny.  Lucy has done so good in hers.  We tried Jenny in boots awhile back, but she has a permanent sore right above her coronet that gets rubbed & becomes a mess.  But the boots made her walking so much more comfortable.  The problem with her feet is the extreme upright shape of her hoof, typical for a donkey, & hard to fit with a boot designed for a horse foot.  Hopefully we can figure out something. 

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