Sunday, November 21, 2010

We hauled Honcho & Buddy to their new home this afternoon.  They will have goats, dogs & 3 little girls to entertain them.  Not to mention about 4 acres of desert grass & brush to eat.  Buddy has such a problem with his weight I hope he doesn't go overboard on eating.  We told the people they might not even have to feed them for awhile with all the good stuff they will have access to.  One of the dogs got in the pen while we were talking, & Honcho preceded to show his stuff.  They managed to get the dog out before it got real nasty.  They want the donkeys to keep the coyotes away from their chickens, & they probably will.  But they will have to be introduced to the dogs & learn to recognize them as family members.  
For some reason when John was rounding up to feed, Nicki went out of the feed room.  John said he was acting like something was after him, & he flew out the door.  Usually we just call him back & he runs back in.  Unfortunately for him BlackJack was standing on the porch.  John said he almost "met his maker", BJ got him down, but before he could roll him, Nicki got loose & flew in the door, John had open.  The problem with our dogs & donkeys is they have all teased & threatened each other thru the fence.  Anubis the other dog is a runner, so we couldn't let them out anyway because of the free range cattle.  Certainly don't need dogs chasing cattle.  
Had a call about a group wanting a donkey to carry "Mary" in their Christmas pageant.  We thought about it & decided Cisco would probably be the only one that might be able to do it.  So this afternoon John haltered him up, & I got a step ladder to get on him.  I miss the good old days when I use to grab mane & throw my leg over.  Of course that's been over 50 years ago.................!!!!  (G)  So I toddled up the ladder & climbed aboard.  He actually didn't really do much, he let John lead him about 10 feet & locked up.  Wouldn't move....when I was a kid I use to kick with great vigor, but I certainly wasn't going to kick him to get him to move.  I did manage to get off without using the ladder, of course he's built pretty close to the ground.  So I e-mailed the lady that I didn't think we had anyone that they could use.   He'd probably be OK in a manger scene situation, but they want to do a parade with Mary riding, & I don't think that would happen.   

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