Saturday, November 27, 2010


Well, this has been an interesting week or so.  I have managed to squirm out of doing Thanksgiving dinner for years, although I always had to listen to John whine about not having leftovers, when we'd eat out or at someone's home.  This year I didn't squirm hard enough I guess.  So I started gathering up my supplies, & getting organized & was really doing pretty good considering how long it had been since I planned a feast.  So 4 days before the big day, the hot water heater for the kitchen went out.  We use the instant demand heaters & they really are great..............but not when they go out & you would like to replace it immediately.  If it's propane, no one has them available without ordering them.  Since it would have to be ordered anyway, I went online & ordered one quite a bit cheaper.  But there was no way to get it before Thanksgiving.............sigh! 

One of my grandmothers use to do it without running water or electricity  after raising 7 kids on the farm, so I figured I should be able to survive the experience.  At least I had running water.................!!! (G)  It turned out just fine, although it's been awhile since I washed dishes by hand too.  Or heated water on the stove to wash "said" dishes. 

The heater still isn't here, but they e-mailed that it's on it's way.  John has messed with these flash heaters enough, that he probably knows more about one than a plumber would, so as soon as it gets here, he'll install it, & we'll have hot water in the kitchen again........!!!! YIPPEE!! 

Today we went to the stock car races.  It's been pretty cool around here, 14 degrees this morning, thank goodness they decided to have the races in the afternoon, so it wasn't quite so cold.  But we knew we wouldn't get home until after dark.  Sure enough, we came in after dark & the gang was waiting in a group by the feed room.  We ran in the house, changed clothes & I headed out to the feed room first.  Opened the door, flipped on the light switch lights.........!!!!  Just what we needed with a herd of hungry donkeys, mules & one little bitty mini horse past ready to eat.  So I got a flashlight & started getting everyone where they needed to be & getting feed ready, while John tried to answer the $64 question........WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LIGHTS?  Not sure how it worked out that way, but it took John almost the exact time to find & fix as it did for me to feed.........!!! Hmmmmm!  He found a melted wire in one of the junction boxes..........which brings up another question..........what caused it to melt?  Don't know that yet, but he did run a new wire & the lights & frig are working.  We race again tomorrow, & since he has the wire running on top of the ground I assume I'll be feeding again in the morning while he does a more permanent fix.  

C.J. the mini horse was limping when she came in tonight.  I checked her feet & they weren't warm, so hopefully it's nothing serious.  Got her blood work back & she is not insulin resistant, & her test for Cushings came back a little high but within normal range.  That's good news, she's got enough problems with her feet from being chronically foundered for a long time. 

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