Thursday, November 11, 2010


We were hoping no more skunks, but I guess that's too much to hope for if you live out in the boonies.  Of course now that Hobo & the kittens are living in the back yard, we had been getting a little lax about leaving food out all the time, so they could snack when they felt like it.  A couple of nights ago, John looked out & saw a black & white "kitty" having cat kibble, which scampered off when it saw John.  So he set the trap right outside the gate, hoping to catch the skunk before it got in the yard.  Also thought that might cut down on the chances of catching a kitten instead.  Within 15 minutes John had his skunk.  When he took it for a ride the next morning, everything went good until John was opening the door.  It slipped out of his hand & banged shut.  Although the skunk was still in the trap & covered by a blanket, he pooted.  Not much but enough to get on the blanket, which managed to get on John's gloves.  YUCK!  

So we have a new routine, which isn't going very well, from the feline's point of view.  During daylight hours there is kibble & milk available, after dark there is nothing to eat.  They haven't quite figured out they need to stock up while it's available.  Last night 3 of them were pressed up again the patio door, I guess to let me know I wasn't taking care of my duties very well.  

Chester might be going to his new home Sunday.  His new family lives in the vicinity of where we will be picking up CJ, the little mini horse.  It would be a good opportunity to kill 2 birds with one stone, relatively speaking, so we'll see if it works out.  I'll really miss Chester, I don't really have favorites, or at least try not to, but he is a special boy. 

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