Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It sounds like the boys are doing good in their new home.  One of the dogs got in with them again.  I guess Buddy spooked, but Honcho went after the dog, which managed to get away.  They have strung chicken wire around the bottom of the pen, so the dogs can't just waltz in at will.  Once the donkeys know the dogs are "family" members they should get along.  I guess there is a neighbor dog that thinks he lives there, he & Honcho have already smelled noses, so that should be OK too.  

C.J. is still doing good, it's probably about time to let her out of the pen.  Maybe this afternoon an hour or two before time to feed.  Rusty the mule is still hanging around her pen, so I would imagine once she's out he will go wherever she goes.  The donkeys haven't paid much attention to her, now that she isn't getting alfalfa hay.......!!!  (G)  Haven't heard from Courtney about coming out as soon as she can to trim some more.  Since C.J. did so well with the first trim, I'm anxious to see how she does with some more backing up of those nasty toes.  

I got some dry shampoo to "spiffy" her up a little before the Open House.............hopefully I'll have time.  She's a little black & white pinto & the white isn't white anymore.  I've never used it before, but it's too cold to bathe her, at least I think so.  

Poor Cisco, is rather lost without Buddy.  Cisco has always been somewhat of a loner, he was a roping donkey & was shut down when we got him.  He & Buddy ate in the same area, & usually came in together.  But they didn't groom each other or really didn't "hang" together.  Cisco is now  eating in Buddy's pen .  The first time John tried to put him in there, you could read his body language.  He knew that wasn't his pen & didn't want to go in it.  But I think he is enjoying eating without having to contend with BlackJack.  BlackJack can be a obnoxious boob when he wants to be, which is quite often. 

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