Sunday, November 07, 2010

BOO HOO.........!!!!

I guess it was too good to last.  Jerry says he will be leaving, that hauling the poo cart around in the sand is too hard on his legs.  I disagree with him, it is hard on your legs, & your back.  (G)   He was hit by a car a few years ago, & left for dead in a ditch.  I guess his hips & legs were really a mess, but he gets around good.  Like a lot of us he's had to learn what he can & can't do, & this is too much for him.  So he will only be here probably until the end of the month.  We'll find little jobs for him to do, right now he's starting on cleaning up the back yard.  We've talked about getting a couple or even a single person with an RV to stay on the property, maybe this will be the catalyst to get a permanent pad with utilities built, so we could do that. 

So John & I are back on poo detail.  SIGH........!!!!

The flies are still out & about, usually by this time of year we aren't using fly masks anymore, but not this year. 

The kittens are living in the back yard, which is a pretty safe place for them.  There is a squirrel hole underneath a big mesquite tree, that Hobo has moved them into.  They aren't ready to be friends with us yet, but they do like the milk & cat food we put out.  

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