Friday, November 12, 2010


This is a few of the gang, waltzing in at their own speed.  This is actually after we had been trying to get them to come over from Burroland for quite sometime.  I was over in Burroland doing round-up, & John had the camera.  Kathy I know you will probably see this, so you'll get a pretty good view of Chester.  

It was in the low 20's again this morning, & when it's that cold they find a warm sunny spot & don't want to move, but once we get Tula moving the rest will follow.  If it keeps getting this cold, I might have to start putting blankets on Pepper & Sha'ba.  I've been keeping Pepper's blown knee wrapped & it seems to be keeping him more comfortable, at least he walks better.  Sha'ba probably wouldn't need to be blanketed, he's put on enough weight to keep himself warm.  But since he's locked in a pen at night he can't go find the warm sunny spots, so I'm sure he appreciates his "blankie".


Bisbeehemian said...

Was that Honcho sidling up to the camera? So cute they are.

Tish said...

Yes, Honcho was the next to the last white one, & the last one was Quilla.

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