Friday, November 05, 2010

 This is what was on our back porch yesterday morning when we got up.  Actually there is the 2 looking at Nigel thru the patio door, & another little head behind them.  There is also another one for a total of four.  They ate lots of dry cat food, & milk played in the back yard, used the tree for a jungle gym & disappeared for the afternoon.  They were out a little this morning, but not as prevalent as they were yesterday. So I would imagine Hobo has moved them into the back yard at least I hope so.  If she tries moving them back & forth to the hay barn a distance of over 300 feet, coyotes, the neighbor's dogs or owls will probably get them.  I would rather she didn't have them, but now that they are here, I hope we can tame them, spay & neuter as necessary, & find homes for them.  

Yesterday, I got involved in an interesting slight of hand deal.  When we set up at the rummage sale for another rescue a couple of weeks ago, a woman came by & said she had a pg jenny & jack, (really, how did that happen?) she needed to find homes for & said she had an ad up at the feed store we were at.  Awhile later a guy came by looking for a breeding jack to breed mules.  I told him about the ad & took his name in case I heard something.  Got a call for a jenny to go with some sheep, told them about the ad, since I didn't have the woman's phone number.  Yesterday morning they called & said the jenny had her little jack about a week ago, the woman's husband was in the hospital, & she wanted the donkeys gone.  So I got on the phone, & the results at this time is, the people with the sheep picked up the jenny & baby yesterday afternoon, since it was about time for foal heat, I kinda revved up getting them moved ASAP.  We are trying to talk the guy into taking the jack at least for the time being, to run with his mares to see if he will breed them.  In 5 months if the jack hasn't done his job, he will take the little jack & raise him with the mares, & we will take the jack & have him gelded.  Are you still with me on this deal?  Whew!  I just hope the jenny isn't over protective of her baby with the sheep, & might try to squash them.  Then we might have to take them.  Sigh!  Not the best situation in the world, but better than no home at all I guess.  

This morning when John rounded up everyone he noticed that Honcho had a peculiar odor.  I guess he found a striped kitty last night.  He probably didn't get a full spray, but he was in the neighborhood.  We haven't seen any skunks since John's long running "rehoming" last year.  But I guess they are still around, just decided coming in the back yard or the chicken pen wasn't worth the long trek to get back.  

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Oh that photo is so cute :)