Saturday, December 04, 2010


The weather was almost perfect today.........once the early morning chill was gone.  It was so cold I couldn't get my fingers to work, when I was trying to hang signs on the pens.  We fed everyone in the pen they would be in for the day, which was a shock to Daisy.  She wasn't expecting Quilla to be "dining" in HER pen & let us know it.  She also let him know it, every time he moved she'd pin her ears & dare him to move again.  She is really not going to change her mind about him, & we've never been able to figure out what he did to make her dislike him so much.  I always thought they would make a cute couple, but guess not............!!!!

For some reason  having signs on the pens isn't allowed, we all spent a lot of time today, replacing signs that got pulled down.  One we didn't find at all, we figure Pepsi must have ate it.

The volunteers were great, came early & stayed late.  C.J. finally got the cornstarch combed out of her hair.  I never got a chance to groom her, but Terry brought her grooming tools & did C.J. & quite a few of the others.  She use to come out quite often & groom, but her little family of donkeys, mules & pot bellied pigs, not to mention chickens, ducks & geese, more than keeps her busy these days.  Glad she had a chance to come out, we hadn't seen her in a long time. 

Mae brought enough food to feed an Army or two right down to the pickles, & napkins.  She had never been out here, although 3 of her donkeys have been here, Paladin, Lupe & Chico.  Paladin & Chico, were both gelded here because Mae lives so far out in the boonies, it's almost impossible to get a vet to come out to her place. 

I think this is Georgette's 3rd Open House.  She almost knows as much about the donkeys as we do.  She's Sha'ba's godmother & brought him some treats as his Christmas present.  Of course he also got choked on some timothy pellets, while she was here, so she got to help get him cleared.  I really didn't think they could get enough pellets with people feeding them by hand, but he managed somehow. 

John had left a soda sitting in the golf cart, while he showed some folks around.  It was nice & warm today, & when he tried to take a drink of his soda there were 2 bees in the can & one of them bit him on the lip.  OUCH!  I ran out to the feed room & got some of the donkey's Benedryl & gave him 3 & then pulled out the stinger.  His lip isn't sore & hardly swelled at all, but he's got the heebie-jeebies & can't sit still tonight.  Hope it wears off before bedtime, or he might not get much sleep tonight.  When he was taking chemo a few years ago they gave him benedryl as a pre-med & he had the same reaction, but we forgot about that in the rush of trying to do something before his lip swelled up.  

The weather is suppose to be warm & sunny tomorrow, so hopefully we'll have lots of visitors, which always makes the donkeys happy. 

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