Thursday, December 16, 2010


Just about the time I think we're going to have some down time, something happens to change my mind.  Yesterday morning when I went online I had 4 messages bringing my attention to a message on Craigslist trying to get rid of some mares & possible untamed jennies.  We aren't in a position to take what at that time was an unknown number of jennies probably pregnant, there is also a jack on the property.  

I got in touch with Mark Myers at Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue  & although he can't come & get them right now, he said he could come after Christmas.  So to make a long story short, the people at a rescue north of Tucson is going to take all the mares & will take care of the jennies until Mark can pick them up.  The rescue people tried to talk the man into giving up the jack, but he wants to keep him.. They say all the mares look pregnant, so obviously he swings both ways...........SIGH!  We haven't given up on getting him, Saturday when we go to pick up the mares & the jennies.  We offered to haul the jennies for them, at the time we thought they were wild & were making all these elaborate plans to funnel them into the trailer.  Since then from what we've heard they have been worked with.  So as usual we really don't know what is going on until we get there.  Stay tuned..................!!!!! (G)

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