Friday, December 10, 2010


We took Lucy into the vet today to check a swollen area on her belly about the size of a saucer.  The vet said it was edema, which could be caused by, liver failure, heart failure, bug bites or something else.  In other words it's one of those evasive type symptoms that isn't definitive.  She ran blood & fecal & everything looked pretty good, except of course Lucy was anemic because of a low Red Blood Cell count...........hmmmmm.  I've fought this battle before, because vets use horse numbers which in the case of RBC, donkeys numbers are normally lower, they tell me the donkeys are anemic & need Red Cell.  She didn't agree with me even after looking at her pink healthy look gums, which is OK. 

Lucy actually had this about 3 years ago, but for the life of me I can't remember what we did about it.  I seem to remember a vet being involved, but think it was a different one.  I try to use all the vets in the area, so that hopefully when I need one in a hurry, there will be one available.  

I told her what antibiotics I had, she picked out Tucoprim as the drug of choice, said give her some bute & bring her back in 10 days for a recheck.  Not looking forward to the experience, this morning when we loaded her, she actually loaded good.  When we got ready to load her at the clinic, she locked up & decided she wasn't going in the trailer, today or ever...............!!!!   I wish I had a camera, the sight of John with his shoulder shoved half way up her butt, trying to lift her into the trailer, was worth the price of admission.  Especially with her front feet firmly planted on the ground in front of the trailer.  Thank goodness no one was watching or helping us.  Her behavior would have added to their opinion of how stubborn donkeys can be.  Next time we'll take the butt strap, I didn't take it because she loaded so sweetly at home this morning.  We finally managed to get both front feet in the trailer, & she walked in like it was her idea.......GRRRRRRR!  I swear they know when the game is over & give in gracefully. 

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