Thursday, December 30, 2010


Photo by Eric Hansen

 I think you will have to cut & paste the link, but you might find it interesting.


the7msn said...

Great article ... albeit a tearjerker. Please give Sha'ba an extra hug today from his buddies in New Mexico.

Tish said...

Will do, he usually gets "double" what everyone else gets, I figure he probably didn't get a lot of treats or hugs in his earlier life. I thought Sue did a great job with the article. They travel 6 months a year gathering "stories" & then go home for her to write & send out. Real nice people.

Loved your cow introduction story, OBTW the boys haven't been on Equusite lately have they? They always get my 10's.

Donna said...

That's wonderful you two were recognized for all the good things you do!

Tish said...

Thanks for the kind words. The writer sent us a copy of the magazine today & I discovered they don't always put all the pictures with a story on the web. But unfortunately I don't think Grit is sold at newsstands, at least no one has been able to find them yet.