Friday, December 17, 2010


Well not my cup of tea, but they do seem to be a big hit with the equine herd.  The leaves have been falling for a couple of weeks.  The last couple of days we've had wind, which of course makes them fall quicker & in bunches & piles.  They leave their hay, come out of the pens, & their heads automatically go down & they start vacuuming.  Then when it's time to put them in the pens to eat it's like, "Oh! do I have to?"  This morning I thought CJ the little mini horse was going to have a fit before we finally decided to let her out.  She stood by the gate & in her little squeaky voice let us know that she was done with hay.  

Of course there is a group, John calls them the "Merry Maids", because they clean up.   Although they spend as much time eating leaves as any of the others, they also make sure they are available when the pens open.  They know who leaves hay & who doesn't, Sha'ba's pen is a particular favorite.  One day I looked down there & there were 7 critters in his pen.  His pen is 20' x 24' which makes for quite a crowd.  What got me is they weren't squealing & feinting & acting like brats.  I guess they knew I was watching them.  Usually if someone gets in someone's space they start acting horrible.  I always tell them I don't care what they do when I'm not out there, but when I am, I'm head jenny & in charge.  Finally they are figuring it out I guess, because there were some really strange groupings & everyone had their heads down enjoying the hay.  

Found out today the man where we are going in the morning to pick up the mares & jennies hasn't signed any papers releasing them.  He had agreed to let the jack go, but has since changed his mind.  He also now wants to keep one of the jennies.  I hope this all doesn't fall apart before we get the animals in the trailers & off the property.  It's possible we will all show up & be told no......... I sure hope not.  There are 8 mares, 3 jennies, & 1 mammoth jack.  

It looks like we will be getting a jenny next week.  She has been abused & it sounds like she is emotionally shut down.  John has already built a new pen for her, because we had no empty pens.  She is suppose to be very heavy, & very sway back, probably has been used as a roping donkey.  Her name is Noelle, which leads me to believe she came into the rescue that has her now, without a name, & they named her for the season, but I could be wrong. 

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