Tuesday, February 01, 2011

THEY'RE GONE............!!

We hauled the pigs & goats yesterday as planned & it went pretty good.  When it was time to load the goats we let them out of the pen & shook the bucket with food in it.  But they were more interested in seeing everything on the property.  They went in the trailer a couple of times, but Shy the little nanny would hop in & hop right out & the boys would follow.  So we got them back in the pen, & put a lead on Shy.  Not exactly what she had planned, but we got her in the trailer, tied her & Pan & Charlie hopped right in & STAYED.......!!!!  Had an uneventful trip, unloaded them in the pens.  When we left Niki (John's favorite pig) was busy raising up on the panels.  I hope she will stay in them.  We thought maybe she was missing the woman, since she was raised on a bottle from the age of 4 days by her.  

In amongst all that, when I called the vet clinic yesterday morning, they said bring the tomcat in right away.  So John took him in, while I rounded up & fixed "donkey" breakfast.  When we went to get him out of the kitty condo to put him in a crate, he was purring & rubbing on the sides of the pen.  So John put on his gloves, picked him up & stuffed him in the crate.  He was a perfect gentleman, so he's either been a pet & got dumped, or is someone's pet.  If the latter, the next time he shows up at home, they might notice a difference in his walk., not quite so proud......!!!   We picked him up on the way home from delivering the pigs & goats.  The vet clinic said they didn't even have to gas him, dragged him out, & gave him a happy shot on the table. 

We still have the 6 horses, which makes picking up poo take a lot longer..........but it will be nice not to have to be fixing fence & chasing pigs.......!!!! LOL

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