Saturday, February 19, 2011



This afternoon we had quite a bit of wind, which according to the weatherman was suppose to drum up some rain.  Didn't happen.  

But I looked out & saw BlackJack & Chester running & play fighting, mostly running.  Quilla was trying to help, but he was coming in a distant third.  I went out on the courtyard to get a better view, & noticed not only were those 3 running around, so was Sha'ba, although I think he was just trying to make sure he was out of the way.  Just about that time I heard minis braying & here they came running as fast as their little legs would go.   I guess I should have came in & got the camera, but I was having too much fun watching them having so much fun.  About 3 trips down the driveway, around the bend,  past the pens & they all just stopped.    Some of the jennies were watching the whole time, I guess they were the spectators.  I don't know if it was the wind or the change in barometric pressure,  they usually would rather just "mosey" instead of waste all that energy. 

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