Sunday, February 06, 2011


John got the feed room water running last night & this morning we woke up to 17 degrees & the sun shining brightly.  So by 9am we were stripping & commenting on how much easier it is to do chores when it's not quite so cold.  

John may have to go to the doctor with his pig bite, it's got a hard spot underneath it, which probably means abscess.  Probably need to be drained & put him on antibotics.  He's already yelling & we haven't even called the doctor yet.......!!!!!  

Pepper's "owie" is still draining & looks nasty.  It actually looks like Chester's leg looked when they operated on it about 4 years ago.  It was a big open gaping wound, they didn't try to close it at all.  By the 3rd day it was covered with creamy colored foamy stuff.  I panicked, took a picture & e-mailed it to the clinic.  They said "that's the way it's suppose to look", & it did heal just fine, not even a scar you can see. 
So I'll watch Pepper for a day or two & see how it goes.  There isn't any swelling, & it looks pretty good, except for the foamy stuff.  

Both Jenny & Lucy are walking better today & their feet are cooler.  Winter laminitis is a problem with equines that have compromised feet, which both of them have.  Lucy has never been  x-rayed, but Courtney thinks the inside of her feet are probably a jumbled mess.  Jenny has been x-rayed & we know her feet bones are jumbled.  I've always thought Lucy was probably what they call a sinker, because she has absolutely no concavity to the bottom of her front feet.  They are as flat as they can be.  But don't know for sure, if her coffin bone is detached or not.  Sometimes, like lately she doesn't move very good or very fast.  Buster always waits for her, no matter how long it takes her to get where they are going.  I hope nothing happens to her for a long time, Buster would be absolutely destroyed without his Lucy girl............!!!!


PaintedPromise said...

@Pepper - NASTY!!!! you should not be doing that to you mom!!!

Tish said...

I'm still doctoring it, & it still looks pretty good except for the foamy stuff. He never acted like it even bothered him, just keeps mincing along like Tim Conway as the old man.