Friday, February 04, 2011


OK, I guess it could be worse......!!!
Yesterday morning it was 11 degrees, which meant lots of ice to break & water to carry.  Each pen has a water bucket plus the 2 stock tanks outside the pens.  Since winter colic can be a problem if they don't drink enough it's important that they have access to water they can drink, & not have to "break" or "lick".  We got done with morning chores about 2pm.  The hairdryer method of melting ice works only have one or 2 buckets.  But not worth a darn for assembly line melting.  John had to just break ice on every bucket.  Of course some of them didn't make it thru the ice removal without cracking or splitting, so we have to go out today & get some more.  

Everyone has been getting extra hay to help them stay warm.  We've noticed some of them eat about the same amount they usually get.  The others eat theirs & then go on a "hay" hunt.  It's an amazing idea, but they are the same ones that don't ever lose weight.  Hmmmmmm!  

They are all also eating the prickly pear cactus' right now.  One patch about 4 foot across has almost completely disappeared.  We'd look out there & there would be 5 or 6 donkeys happily chomping away. 

I know anyone in cold country reading this is probably snearing at all the whining.  This is so unusual for SE Arizona, in fact Tucson broke a record for cold last night that had stood since the early 1900's.  So we are really not prepared, nor are the animals.  They act like we should fix it.

OBTW John just went out to start the "dance" for today.  It was 3 degrees when he got up this I assume today will be a repeat of yesterday, only a little more-so.......!!! 


Anonymous said...

Hi Tish: My mom says to tell you to leave the water buckets half full at night, then just take the hose and put water on top of the ice in the mornings -- easier than breaking ice!
Hope this helps. It is cold here in Phoenix too, but not as bad as Benson and I was kicking up my heels this morning, loving life.
Take care,
Charles Wallace

Tish said...

It's suppose to be warmer today, so hopefully it won't be so cold tonight. The problem is we use 5 gallon buckets in most of the pens, so half full wouldn't give them enough water to drink after they eat at night. Five gallon buckets really freeze hard with thick ice.........!!!

Wish I was kicking up my heels, right now they are kinda dragging..!!! (G) Oh! well, there's always next summer to level everything out......!!! I'll probably be whining then too....!!! Just can't be satisfied I guess. LOL