Friday, February 18, 2011

Well the horses "got" gone last night, seems like something is missing out here today.  It doesn't take long to get use to a routine I guess.  This morning, picking up poo went really quick. 

I was amazed when they loaded.  Considering it was dark, & they were being "encouraged" to get in a trailer, they actually loaded pretty good.  We hauled the mares & foals, & the stud colts went in the other trailer.  

Where they went is really horse friendly, they have mare motels for shelter & it should be a good place for them.  

Rusty the mule as usual was really upset when we came home with an empty trailer.  He really loves horses & was really disappointed that Sprite kept lunging at him if he tried to get close to her pen.  He & her little boy finally figured out a way to play thru the fence.  Except for when they were eating, the mares & weanlings had the run of the pens on the west.  So Rusty & Gally would catch her not paying attention & go to a different pen than she was in.  She caught them a few times, but they got to play a little bit.  

I guess we should have kept C.J. the little mini horse, so Rusty would have a buddy.  He has Jack the other mule, but it isn't the same I guess. She's really better off living with a farrier, that can keep her little feet trimmed on a regular basis.

This morning when it was time to put Chester into his old pen, he marched right in like he had done it yesterday.  Tula was quite happy to have them gone, they shared a fence with her, & we had to feed her on the other side of her pen, so she wouldn't be any closer to them than necessary. 


Apifera Farm said...

Rusty the mule...I love the name. Poor fellow, looking for horse friends.

Tish said...

We'll probably find him another horsey friend someday, although we aren't actively looking. They seem to find us.