Thursday, February 24, 2011



Let's see...........Wookie is back from the vet, has staples in her tummy & a Elizabethian collar on her head, which incidently she isn't very happy about.  John rebuilt the "kitty condo", & she has it all to herself.  We've been opening the spa room door, so Julius & Snooky could visit with their sister.  So far they think it's great fun to run in & out & check out all the "interesting" things in the spa room, but I haven't seen them checking on Wookie to see how she is doing.  They do take off back outside if we open either of the inside doors, but they come right back as son as we leave the area.  

We caught the goldfish out of the stock tank after quite a chase, so he could go to his new home.  I had the big net, which spooked him close enough to the top, John could catch him with the little net.  The kids were excited when we got there, & the woman thought he was pretty, so I hope he has a good long life with his new fish buddies.  I haven't told John yet, but I ordered the  Ritchie automatic waterer............!!!!    I guess I can add it to the long list of "things to do" hanging on the side of the refrigerator........!!! (G)  

We had a couple of tours this morning, & our roaming ambassadors, Buster, Lucy & Quilla, made sure the people were shown around, entertained, & understood that treats were to be fed.  I told Buster I'd put him in a pen if he misbehaved.  He actually was very attentive, & minded his manners, while showing the guests how sweet donkeys can be.  Quilla also made sure the people knew he was there, but wasn't pushy, & the people loved it.  I was very proud of them, after Buster nipping a woman the other day.  Quilla has never nipped, but he will stick his head into the conversation, to make sure you know he's available in case you want to give him treats. 

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