Saturday, February 05, 2011


This is a pretty little ice sculpture, sorta looks like the bucket behind it doesn't it?  It warmed up enough yesterday for John to pull quite a few of these out of the 18 gallon buckets.  I had a prettier one in the mare's pen, but during the night I guess the weanlings decided it needed to be destroyed.  So when I went out this morning with my camera, it was no more........!!! 

Pepper has managed to deglove one of his armpits on probably greasewood.  What that means is, the hide is torn & separated from the flesh.  It's like if you were skinning an animal, & tearing the hide off.  Really gross looking, although as a wound it doesn't bleed much.  He doesn't even act like it bothers him.  It's only about 2 inches long, I've been spraying it with Vetericyn, so hopefully it will heal OK.  At least this time of year we don't have to fight flies. It's in an impossible place to even see, let alone try to stitch, so I don't see any need to call the vet, although she might be able to stand on her head & shave the area, I'm not even going to try it. 

Yesterday Daisy came in with an eye closed & tears running down her face.  Like I said they have been eating prickly pear & I would imagine she got poked.  I doctored her a couple of times yesterday & today she is OK.  They just don't seem happy unless they have boo boos for me to doctor. 


PaintedPromise said...

wow an i was complaining about how tired my arm was after breaking inch-thick ice off of 14 water troughs...

Tish said...

Our troughs did pretty good, but these buckets were a lot of fun. You really appreciate being warm after doing morning chores in the winter desert, don't you? LOL