Wednesday, February 16, 2011

THE BEST LAID PLANS...........!!!

(Boy has Jersey Shore changed judging by TV)

The horses were suppose to move today, to 4 acres the owner found for them.  BUT, she called last this morning & said the man she lined up to haul the ones we aren't, hadn't showed up & hadn't called her.  Sooooooooooo...........we are kinda on hold to see if he checks in early enough this afternoon to be able to go ahead & move them today. 

Once the plans are made we'd just as soon follow thru if at all possible.  We can feed in the dark or if it's late enough, we can feed our guys  before we haul the horses.  But it will all depend on what happens on her end.  

Stay tuned...............!!!!


Apifera Farm said...

I love all these old pics you find.

Tish said...

Can't take credit for most of them. A few years ago, the Donkey Yahoo Group had someone ask for old pictures, she was going to decoupage a trash can & wanted to use old pictures. WOW a lot of people had pictures to share, & I saved them to also share. I love them.