Wednesday, February 02, 2011



I know I'm being whiny considering what the rest of the country is going thru.  Got in touch with Kathy up at Longhopes in Colorado & below zero & wind chill aren't words I want to hear.  They have 5 barns & blankets for those that need it.  And until the weather gets better, they stay in the barns.............which means LOTS of clean-up.  She said they are going thru shavings like crazy.  I would imagine poo is piling up at a rapid rate also, I think they usually rake their pens rather than pick-up. 

We were 22 degrees this morning, but for the next couple of days it's not going to warm up much day or night.  John has upped everyone's hay, so they can hopefully keep a little warmer.

Jenny & Lucy are having trouble with their feet right now.  Both of them have warm front feet which means some foundering/laminitis going on .  Neither of them want their boots on, I guess they think maybe the boots are causing the problem.  So I can only assume the boots aren't making their feet feel better at this time, & will leave them off for a couple of days.  I can show Jenny the boots, & she just turns away. 

OJ the daddy kitty we had neutered is doing just fine.  We'll let him go probably Friday.  The kittens are having great fun running around in the backyard, & sitting in the windows.  We're trying to get them tamed down, but so far the only thing they will do is play with our fingers thru the screen door.   Unfortunately we haven't seen Hobo their mom for a couple of days.  I hope nothing has happened to her, because we are almost positive she has more kittens up in the hay barn, & there is no way to find them unless they make a noise.  Maybe she decided there was too many cats down here at the house.  

John is still recuperating from his pig bite, it's healing nicely although is still really black & blue.  Only one little open place left that keeps sticking to the gauze.  He says it isn't sore, but it sure looks like it should be......!!! (G)  

The horses have settled into a routine, which is good.  It's too bad we can't let the mares & weanlings out, so we wouldn't have so much poo to pick up.  But Sprite just isn't going to change her mind about the long ears.  

The stud colts kicked a hole in their water bucket last night so John had to haul more water than usual.  Of course everything was frozen this morning, but he has a faucet at the well house that is covered & he can fill the water cans there.  In the pens he just breaks the ice & later in the day we fill those buckets. 

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