Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I LOVE SUNSHINE...................!!!

 Philadelphia 1905

It's been pretty nice the last few days, except for the "stinkin" wind yesterday.  Today is really nice & no wind..........!!!!  As I like to say, "the reason people come to Arizona".......!!!

Lucy is back to wearing her boots, I waited until she would lift her foot for me to put them on.  Jenny isn't interested in having hers on.  She's walking pretty good for her, so I'll let her make the decision.  Pepper's wound seems to be healing, although it still looks nasty.  Cisco came in yesterday with one eye shut & weeping down his cheek.  SIGH!  He is one of our cactus eaters.  He eats it when no one else is, & I assume he poked his eye since I had to pull 2 spines out of his forehead. 

The horses are doing good, they've gotten into our routine & if it wasn't for all of the poo to pick up they would be pretty good "visitors".  Their Mom called this morning & she has found a 4 acre place for them to stay, that is closer to her so she can be more involved in taking care of them daily.  It needs some sprucing up, but hopefully by the middle of next week, they will be gone, & we can get back to normal........whatever that is......!!!!  (G)

John's doing a jeep tour today to I'll be doing chores by myself tonight.  I guess I'll start early & it will still be after dark when I get done.  It wouldn't be so bad, but the donkeys are use to the routine of two people feeding.  So once they are in their pens, if they see us come out of the feed room in a certain sequence they know when it's their turn.  With just one feeding, that sequence gets out of sync, & boy do they yell.  Chester is especially incensed, since his temporary pen is set up right in front of the feed room, & he "knows" the routine.  A few times we've "forgotten" to take his bucket out when we take Jack's.  If he even sees us head toward Jack he starts yelling, really loud & it doesn't take us long to figure out we need to go back & get his bucket. 

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