Friday, February 11, 2011

Let's see...........Cisco's eye is now OK, Daisy's eye has quit weeping (another poke), & this morning when Lucy came in, she was really moving slow.  I didn't put boots on her yesterday, so she was barefooted.  I checked her feet & they didn't feel warm, so I decided to try to pick her feet up & put her boots on.  John stood at her shoulder to bolster her in case she needed it, &  I tried to be as quick as I could, just in case she couldn't stand on one foot or the other.  We got them on without a problem & although she wasn't moving any faster, she did seem to be standing easier, so hopefully they are helping.  I wish there was some way to know if what I do helps or doesn't help. 

About an hour after everyone went out  of their pens, a friend was here & we were looking out the window.  All of a sudden a whole herd of donkeys went running like something was chasing them.  I looked & didn't see anything, never did figure out what set them off.  It's been a long time since I saw them run, which is always fun to watch.  They certainly don't do it because I want them to, that's for sure.........!!!  LOL

Haven't heard from the horse's Mom again, so don't know how their move is going or when it will be.  She said maybe by the middle of next week, so hopefully that will happen.  John is on another jeep tour today, so I'll do evening chores by myself.  The other day when I did them, the donkeys were actually pretty cooperative & not as impatient as I expected. 

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