Thursday, February 10, 2011


I checked Lucy's feet in her boots this morning & the right front felt warm.  So I took her boots off & decided to ice her feet.  One thing about Quilla & his rattle snake bite last September, I ended up with lots of IV bags for soaking feet........!!!  I decided since I was soaking one I might as well soak both of them.  I put the right one to soak first, & when I tried to raised the left one to put it in a bag, she wouldn't lift it.  I finally squeezed the tendon & she reached around & acted like she was going to bite me.  I called her a "drama" queen & squeezed again.   She tried to raise the left foot & went down on her left knee, poor girl.    She came right back up, but I felt bad about making her lose her balance like that.  So she wasn't able to stand on her right foot.  Needless to say we didn't soak the left front.  I checked her knee to make sure she didn't hurt it, & it seemed OK.  I was gone all day, so I'm anxious to see how she is doing when we round up for feeding.  

I hope she is just going thru a "spell" & it's just an attack of winter laminitis.  Nothing has changed with what she is eating & since all of our gang is on an Insulin Resistant diet, there isn't really much we can change in what she is eating.   

Cisco's eye seems to be OK today, & Pepper's armpit seems to be healing.  It's hard to tell, by now it's a gory mess, with ickies all over it.  I try to pull some off, but he seems to resent this treatment, so I try to keep "picking"  to a minimum.  

John went to the doctor today with his "pig" bite.  Yep! it's got infection underneath it, so he's on antibiotics.  Needless to say he was the hit of the doctor's office, guess they don't get that many pig bites in........!!! Ha!  The PA didn't know that pigs can be aggressive & will kill & eat people, guess she's a city girl.  One of my cousins father-in-law was killed by pigs & by the time they found him, there wasn't much left.  This pig wasn't being mean, she just didn't like seeing a stick in John's hand because of past experiences. 

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