Thursday, May 31, 2007


Yesterday Jenny got her first good trim. I can't say she was cooperative, nor did she seem to appreciate the effort that Courtney & Katie were doing to help get her feet trimmed & balanced. To say the least she made sure we knew she wasn't happy. She may have sore feet, but the rest of her is very strong. Determination can go a long way & accomplish a lot. And I must say Courtney is VERY determined..........!!!!!!! Even more so than Jenny.............!!!! (G)

Courtney says she has been foundered. We were pretty sure that would be the diagnosis. John & I are thinking of getting x-rays of her feet, to see exactly how much rotation of the coffin bone we are dealing with. We would have to haul her either to Tucson, or to Gilbert. That might have to wait, until she is more stable on her feet. Although she travelled down here from Phoenix, I'm sure it's very uncomfortable for her to be on her feet, & have to balance in a moving trailer.

We also moved her out of the hay barn, & into the new pen, which is closer to the other donkey pens. We will let her out to roam around as much as possible, to help with the circulation in her feet. But it is much easier to lead her to a pen closer to the other donkeys than it is to lead her to a pen, in the opposite direction............!!!!!!

Everyone else is doing good. Remington is really coming along. I keep saying I want to start working a halter into his life. But lately it seems something always comes up that takes priority. Tula needs halter work too. Hopefully I'll get 'round to it soon.

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