Friday, May 11, 2007


It's a little after 8pm & we just got the call that Jenny is just leaving the north side of Phoenix. We will get another call when Courtney gets to Casa Grande, & we'll head out to meet her on I-10 at the Sonoita exit, to bring Jenny home in our trailer. John spent all afternoon fixing the hay barn for her to stay in short term. We don't have an extra corral right now, & all of the corrals are on gravel anyway. The hay barn floor is soft dirt, which will be good for her sore feet. Courtney pulled her egg bar shoes before she loaded her, & said Jenny seemed to be more comfortable once the shoes were pulled.


Samm said...

ahhh, bless you, you do wonderful work.

Tish said...

Thank you for your nice thoughts. We really feel we get more from the donkeys than we give. They are such wonderful, misunderstood animals.