Monday, May 21, 2007


This morning Shiloh went off by himself, laid down, got up, laid down, rolled, got up, etc. I checked for bowel sounds & he had them, but obviously he had a tummy ache or something bothering him. I gave him some banamine & it wasn't long before he perked up & started eating hay. It's always a question as to whether you should let them eat after a gastric problem. I go by the idea, that they know themselves better than I do, if it seems minor. Banamine is really good & can cover up symptoms. So we will watch him the rest of the day to make sure he doesn't still have a problem.

Life goes on & chores continue. I went up to check on Jenny & she was going pretty good. Another little piece of hoof wall peeled off, right at the top of her hoof at the coronary band. The flesh is pink underneath & there is no infection I can see. I hope this is a good thing. She is still walking very lame, but I opened her gate & she went out. I'll let her stay out for an hour or two, hopefully she won't get too far from her pen because I'm sure we'll have to lead her back. She really enjoys being out.

Headed back down to the pens, & Jack the mule is choking. He has choked in the past, which is why we soak his feed & make it into a mush. I guess it wasn't wet enough this morning. He can be real difficult to work with, but always seems to know when he really does need help. So he let me massage his throat, & he was OK.

Gee! it's not even 10 o'clock yet, wonder what the rest of the day will be like. We have visitors coming later, hopefully there will be no more crisis'...............!!!

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