Monday, May 14, 2007

MEET JENNY.......!!!

Isn't she a pretty girl......???? Wish I could say the same for her feet. The reason her family gave her up, was because they have been dealing with her feet abcessing for the last year & they don't know why. They tried different things, but nothing seemed to work for her.

This morning I noticed a trickle of blood from her coronary band at the top of her right front hoof. That means there is an opening, which of course means bacteria, dirt, gravel & anything else that wants to, can get inside her foot. We may have to keep her front feet wrapped in diapers, vet wrap & duct tape, for awhile, depends on what Katie & Courtney decide. They are the ones that will have to keep her trimmed. I know we would all prefer they be open to the air & sunshine, but not if we can't keep it clean enough to heal.

She's a big girl, about the size of a average riding horse. She's very gentle, although she isn't thrilled with having a syringe stuck in her mouth. But after letting me know that, she lets me squirt whatever the concoction of the day into her mouth, & for the most part she swallows it.

I let her out this morning to roam on the property. She hasn't gone very far from her pen, but she does seem to enjoy being able to move around. She's lame in the front, but doesn't seem to mind moving around. Moving is better than standing or laying, it should help with circulation to her feet, which of course will help with healing.

When she 1st went out this morning she went to the pen the minis were in. They all crowded the fence & sniffed noses with her. I tried to get a picture, but she moved away too quick. Talk about differences in size...........!!!! They could easily walk under her belly, I think.

No one has really shown much interest in her, although Buddy Brat & Sugar were in her pen cleaning up pieces of hay. I guess they have their priorities & eating take precedence over meeting another donkey.........!!!!!

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