Thursday, May 10, 2007


Postcard sent to me by a dear friend that lives in Scotland.... thanks Tom!!!

We might be getting a new girl, in the next few days. I got a call from north of Phoenix about a jenny that has such bad feet, the woman was thinking of having her put down, & she's only 9 years old. If she can be hauled & we can get her down here, we'll see if we can help her. If she does join our little group, she will be our first mammoth. The woman said she has huge ears, & the ground rumbles when she brays. Can't wait to see her, she sounds wonderful.

Everyone else seems to be doing great. Belle, is out of solitary confinement & getting to eat hay, so needless to say she is a happy camper. She gets one more dose of antibiotics today, & that's it!

I think I might go sit in Remington's pen today, & see if he thinks I'm interesting enough to investigate. He seems to accept just about anything without fussing too much. I think he's going to be a very nice boy for someone.

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