Monday, May 28, 2007


I'm really amazed at how well she is moving. Yesterday we only let her out for a couple of hours, but this morning she was still able to walk pretty good, & wanted out of her pen. So she will be out until feeding time, about 5 pm.

We had visitors today. They came to visit the donkeys & also to see if they might like to have Remington as a member of their family. They live next to Honcho's home, & actually Honcho has access to their property as well as his own. Remington would be a good match for Honcho, he's mellow where Honcho is more aggressive in his approach to life. He's also larger than Honcho, in case Honcho wanted to play rough.

As a BLM adoptee he is suppose to stay on my property for a year before I am granted a title of ownership. But I was told I can request a change of location, or I can pay a $25 fee to change his adopter's name. We will probably do a home study this week & then I will check with the BLM & see what I need to do to change his status.

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