Saturday, May 19, 2007

ONE DAY AT A TIME.......!!!

That's what we will have to do with Jenny. Katie stopped by yesterday to check on Jenny & trimmed a little on her right front hoof. The soaking in vinegar water & using Tea Tree Oil has already made a difference. What she trimmed off didn't smell, (except like Tea Tree Oil) & it wasn't gooey. That's not to say, there aren't trapped areas of infection, so I'm still waiting for the White Lightening to get here.

She was up & down today, although you can tell her front feet really hurt. I think she is probably getting ready to blow an abcess in the left front. Right now it seems to bother her more than the right one, which had the goo in it.

John was gone to Tucson today, so we were going to have to soak her feet tonight in the dark. Some friends came by as I was feeding & offered to help soak her. There were 3 of them, & it took all 4 of us to get her soaked. She will stand on the foot you are trying to pick up, & raise the foot on the other side. She will also try to squeeze you into the corral panels, which can hurt, she's a big gal. I told Amy to use her elbow to keep Jenny from using her weight to trap her against the panels. Actually we both had to use elbows. She finally decided that wasn't working the way she planned & quit trying to lean on us, thank goodness.

We finally used carrots as an incentive to cooperate, & it seemed to make a difference. John & I will find out tomorrow, just how much she willing to cooperate.

When I went out to feed this afternoon, Remington's fly mask was laying in the middle of his pen. I hate to place blame without proof, but Buddy Brat loves to take fly masks off of anyone that is in a pen, so I would imagine he was responsible. I picked up the mask & asked Remington if he was going to let me put his mask on, without having to go in the "squeeze" area. Imagine my surprise when he let me put it on, & also let me pet & scratch all over his neck & shoulders. Ever since he came about 3 weeks ago, he has watched us intently, interact with the other donkeys, & seems to have made the decision to allow us into his space. It could have been a fluke, but he let me take it off tonight in the dark, so I think it's an actual break thru.

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