Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This is a picture I took yesterday when Jenny first went out. You can see the minis in the background trying to figure out who she is.

She could barely walk when John put her in her pen last night, & she laid down most of today. I would imagine it's been a long time since she's been on her feet as much as she was yesterday afternoon. She hasn't seemed to be stressed or in a lot of pain today. I noticed when she got up, she would stand in the protection mode of hind feet under her body to take pressure off the front feet. But after being up a few minutes, the rear legs moved back & she stood more natural, even though she's still lame in front. Hopefully she'll be a little more comfortable tomorrow & will be able to go out at least for a little while.

Tonight we took Remington's fly mask off for the first time. The morning we put it on we used the squeeze we built in Tula's pen. It hasn't been convenient to run him back in her pen, but today John fixed a squeeze in Remington's pen, & he went right in it, seemed more curious than upset. He really is a mellow donkey, to have been thru the BLM system. I even exchanged "nose sniffs" with him & he seemed to enjoy it. I will probably put a halter & rope on him tomorrow & let him spend the day walking on the rope.

I called BLM in Kingman yesterday to see if they have any record of him being gelded. The man I talked to, said about a year ago they gelded 20-25 older jacks, but not any younger ones that he knew of. He's suppose to be checking & will let me know. But it doesn't sound like Remington's been gelded, which puts us back to the idea, that he will have to have major surgery. Once we get him use to being handled, we'll take him for a blood test to check his testosterone level. If he has to have surgery, we will take him up to the Equine Clinic at Gilbert.

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