Wednesday, May 02, 2007

TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY......!!!!!!!

Remington took a carrot from me this afternoon. Granted, I was actually standing on the other side of the gate between, his pen & Sha'ba's pen. But when I stuck my hand thru the gate, he actually walked over, took the carrot & stood there to eat it, rather than taking off for the other side of the pen. Tomorrow we will try to put a fly mask on him. Since he will be staying in his pen until he's gelded, we'll just leave the mask on for awhile, rather than take it off every night.

Tula almost let me take her fly mask off tonight without being squeezed between 2 corral panels. And once we put her in the "squeeze" she let me rub her ears without throwing her head around. That's quite a break thru, she has been very protective of her ears, especially the left one. I would imagine someone has "eared" her down at sometime in her life, & she doesn't want it done again.

And darling little Justin allowed me to take his fly mask off tonight without going in the little corner. He wiggled just enough to let me know it wasn't his idea. Want to take bets on whether he lets me put it back on in the morning? I wouldn't bet against him...........!!!!

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