Friday, May 25, 2007


The panels got here this morning, as promised from the company in Kentucky. John should have the chicken pen dismantled by this week-end, & we can put the panels around the area, to make a large pen. Haven't decided how we want to use it, except as a "Fat Farm" during the mesquite bean season. Haven't heard for sure if Mirage the Missouri Fox Trotter is coming for the summer or not. If he does, we'll have a pen. Or we might move Jenny out of the hay barn. She's seems very comfortable in the hay barn, it's always shaded, & the ground is very soft for laying down. But if we get a load of hay delivered, she'll have to go someplace else anyway.

Shiloh had another tummy ache this morning. He stopped eating his beet pulp & timothy pellets, laid down & rolled. He laid there until the hay was put in the bunks, got up & ate breakfast. I have no idea why he has done this twice this week. At least this time I didn't have to give him a shot.

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