Thursday, May 17, 2007

HOT TODAY..........!!!!

I thought it was over 100 until I checked the thermometer & it's only 98.6.........!!!!

Jenny is laying down today. She was up almost all day yesterday, & it took John about 1/2 a hour to slowly walk her to her pen last night. She had been all over the place & almost couldn't make the trek back to her pen. She went into Tula's pen at suppertime, & wouldn't leave. I went ahead & fed them both in there, & she actually ate better than she usually does. Tula was ready for her to leave after they ate though.

Katie, trims for me & came by yesterday. She peeled a loose piece of hoof material off Jenny's right front hoof. It was black, gooey, & smelled terrible. Katie thinks she either has a bacterial or fungal infection in the foot. We are soaking the foot with a vinegar solution, until some special soaking stuff, I ordered gets here. Hopefully it will help. Infections inside the hoof wall, are really hard to treat. She's eating hay & drinking if I carry water to her, so she's doing OK.

A woman that lives in Whetstone came to visit this morning. She thought Jenny was really pretty, she said she loves the mammoths. While she was here she groomed Sugar & Shiloh. Sugar really needed it. She still has her baby fur & is shedding. Terry said she has some tangles on her belly, but preferred to keep them. I cut a lot of cuckleburrs out of her when she first came here. I don't know if this is some I missed, or if her baby fur is causing matted spots. She sure looked spiffy when Terry got thru with her.

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