Sunday, June 03, 2007


We are going to let Remington out of the pens today for the first time. Since he isn't halter broke John ask if this might be a problem. Tula's not halter broke either & she wasn't sure the first day, why we were chasing her around to get her back into the pen to be fed. Once she figured it out, she's never been a problem. In fact if she goes in her pen & you aren't right behind her, with her piece of carrot, she will yell at you, to let you know, she is ready..............!!!! He is so mellow, just getting him to move might be a problem. But we'll deal with it, if it happens.

Jenny is doing pretty good after her trim. She is trying to blow an abcess this morning & has been laying down in her pen, with the gate open. I gave her some bute, & she will probably get up & move around once it kicks in. She was up & out all day yesterday & the day before, so she's getting quite a bit of exercise. She following me into her pen last night without a halter, so she's learning the routine.

Cisco & Buddy have been penned for a few days now & are actually accepting it gracefully. I figured they would be trampling us at the gate every time we tried to go in. But they don't seem to mind this turn of events. Of course now BlackJack is out 24/7 with the other 4 that don't go in pens to be fed. Not sure they appreciate him eating with them, as he has to have one side of a bunk ALL to himself, no one is allowed to eat with him. But there are plenty of "spots", so no one get left out.

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