Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We were suppose to get the load of hay we've been waiting for today, but they won't be able to deliver it until next Tuesday. This will be enough hay for a year, which will be wonderful...!!!! I hope they make it then, or we will have to go buy some to hold us over.

We went back up to Gilbert yesterday & brought Belle home. She had bled a little more in the night they said, but hasn't bled since. She was so happy to see us, & absolutely thrilled to be home. Shiloh was happy to see her too. They are running buddies, & he really missed her. I don't think she particularly missed him though.

Buster's cheek looks good & doesn't seem to bother him. I'll have to take the stitches out next week. The first stitches I ever removed was from Buddy's eyelid. After that, this should be a piece of cake. Working that close to the eye, was nerve wracking.

We're going to soak Jenny's left front foot this morning. She has an abcess oozing & hopefully some soaking will help to open it up. I'm afraid to soak the right front foot, there isn't much hoof material left & I'm don't want to soften it to the point where it might collapse.

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