Monday, June 11, 2007


This is the 2nd sialolith cyst removed from Belle's salivary gland. We hauled her & Buster to the clinic in Gilbert today. Dr. Taylor examined her & said "he would get it out"................!!!! And he did..........!!!!! Unfortunately she started working her tongue which dislodged the clot & she wouldn't stop bleeding. We watched her for about an hour, & finally decided to leave her overnight & go back tomorrow to pick her up. Even then we didn't get home until 8pm, which made for a real "grumpy" bunch of equines at home. They do not appreciate being fed 3 hours late. Hopefully tomorrow we will just have to pick her up & come home.

Buster did get his tumor removed from his cheek, & got to come home. Unfortunately he got rather upset when he figured out Belle wasn't coming into the trailer with him. He hadn't been in a trailer for 7 years & we were really surprised at how he loaded this morning. But we loaded Belle first, so she was already in the trailer, when we tried to load him. We even talked about leaving him overnight with Belle, but he settled down & rode home just fine.

We didn't take Jenny this morning. She wasn't having a good morning, & was too lame to haul 3 hours one way & have to jump into the trailer, & also out of the trailer. It wasn't going to be in her best interest. Tonight when we got home, she was walking pretty good, although still not good enough to be hauled around the countryside.

It rained here today, & we noticed on the way home, the little donkey we've been trying to help, was laying in the middle of his muddy pen. I hope he hasn't foundered, that's the first time I've seen him laying down, he's usually just standing with his head down.

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jacquie said...

oh dear, i went by the little donkey today too and noticed he wasn't there. the door was shut to the barn where they normally have access. i was wondering about the poor thing myself.
sounds like Belle has had quite a time. I'm glad Buster got to come home anyhow. I hope she is okay and you get her home safe and sound today.