Saturday, June 16, 2007

MIRAGE IS BACK..........!!!!!

This is Justin the mini donkey & Max the BIG horse, looking in the trailer yesterday to see what we brought home. You can't see him, but Mirage is looking back at them. The minis have taken over his old pen, so he went in a pen next to Jenny. He didn't find her very interesting, but after I let her out of her pen & he had access to it, he found her water bucket & amused himself splashing & sticking both front feet in the 20 gallon bucket. We remembered he is a water baby & will play in it until it's gone & put an automatic waterer in his pen. I didn't even think about her bucket.

We'll leave him in for a couple of days to get use to the place again, & then he can go out. Before he could only go out at night, because he was too rough on Sha'ba & Snowy. His Mom said he isn't rough with her mare anymore, so we'll give him a chance to ignore Sha'ba. If he does he can be out all the time except at mealtime.

He's grown quite a bit, looks almost as tall as Max. He also has much better manners. He's had about 5 months of ground & saddle training, so he knows how to behave. He's got such a sweet personality, even when he was being a brat, you couldn't help but love him.

This morning when Jenny saw me coming with the soaking boot for her feet, & she started braying & coming towards me. I can only assume she likes to have her feet soaked now. She stands very good for soaking, much better than the first time when 4 of us got pulled, mashed, squashed, wet & other assorted verbs to describe the experience. I am wrapping both of her front feet in diapers & vet wrap, but only soaking the left one. The right one just looks too thin & although it has open places in the hoof, the left one seems to bother her the most.

Just found out our local vet has a new portable digital x-ray machine, so I will call & make an appointment for a farm call soon.

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