Tuesday, June 26, 2007


One day is just about like another this time of year, at least until we get some clouds to hopefully jump start the monsoon season.

I feel bad that the donkeys are out in the heat. But as desert animals they seem to handle it just fine. In fact, I have seen BlackJack lay out in the middle of the wash, on his side in the afternoon sun. Most of them though stay under the trees in the shade, & if I try to feed too early in the afternoon, they won't move. I've been feeding about 2 hours later than I would in the winter & it works much better.

I hate to think of the animals that are in pens with no shade to get out of the sun. By watching my guys, I know any animal, given the chance would use shade if they could. We try to set the feed bunks in shaded areas, but a couple are in the sun. As soon as those donkeys get thru eating, they head for shade. How anyone can sit in their air conditioned house & not give a thought to the animals in their care, is something I can't identify with.


Bisbeehemian said...

i know. i feel so bad for them. mine have shade until the sun gets to a certain angle in the afternoon and then they have about an hour of no shade from trees or roof. that's usually when i go down and spray them with the hose. the horses love it but little Honcho is not so crazy about it. I usually manage to get hiim with one good squirt of the hose before he gets away. I would get misters but i think the hard water would just clog it up. another week or so and we should have rain at this time i hope.

Tish said...

As you have found out with Honcho, donkeys don't "do" water. It's for drinking only, not walking thru, or being sprayed with. You're right about the misters, we have them for the chickens & John spends a lot of time, soaking them, & trading them out, because they clog up.