Thursday, June 07, 2007

Everything has been pretty routine for the last few days around here. Jenny is doing pretty good, she blew a small abcess & is walking better, although still limping. I'm sure there are more abcesses in there. Hopefully with the moving around they will be encouraged to keep moving up & out the coronet.

Remington will be going to his new home sometime this month. He's going to have a wonderful home, & Honcho to play with. They will make a good team, I think. Their personalities are completely different.

We have been trying to help a little donkey we pass every time we go to town. We've had 2 different people ask if we could help him. He is the saddest looking little guy I've ever seen. The woman says he's old that's why he looks like that. No, I've got at least 2 that are older, & they don't stand in one place with their head hanging, day after day. He's not healthy, & desperately needs to be groomed & have his feet trimmed. The man wants to keep him for his grandkids to play with. I hope they change their minds, I'm afraid he won't make it thru the summer, without a change in his care.


jacquie said...
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jacquie said...

I have seen that donkey. I feel quite sad for it too. It looks very lonely. Did you leave them your name and number? Maybe they will change their mind. It just sort of appeared one day didn't it?