Wednesday, June 13, 2007

On our way into Benson this afternoon we noticed the man that owns the little donkey was home, so we stopped & John talked to him. He said the donkey was down most of Monday but had gotten up Monday night to eat. But he hasn't gotten up since then. He said we could have him, if we can get him in the trailer.

We went back tonight to turn him over to the other side, since he had been laying on that side for at least 2 days. I also gave him a shot to maybe help if he has pain. He isn't foundered, which is what I expected. The man said he has tried to get up, but can't get his back legs under him. He says he has had arthritis for quite some time.

He's rubbed large bed sores in 2 places & didn't try to get up, after we rolled him. I told the man we would be back in the morning with the trailer, but if we couldn't get him up & in the trailer, that he needs to do the right thing as soon as possible.

Poor little guy has laid in his own waste for so long the sores are scalded from urine. I really hope we can get him up & bring him home with us.

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