Sunday, June 24, 2007


Yesterday I stopped looking at the thermometer at 110.2*.........!!!!! Sure makes you want to stay inside & vegetate. Can't do that till chores are done, which with John gone takes me a lot longer to do. I'm writing this while cooling off, before going back out to finish cleaning the last pens.

I started chores a little later than usual yesterday, & the trouble causers, were present & accounted for, so chores went well. This morning I tried the same "trick" & had 6 holdouts, that didn't show up until I had already fed everyone else & the chickens. Then it was like "hurry up, we're here now"........!!!! I won't say they are ungrateful, BUT, they seem to know that they will get fed no matter when they show up.

Jenny has been walking pretty good the last couple of days. Hopefully the abscesses are working out of her feet & we'll see some long term improvement. We are anxious to see what her x-rays show, hopefully no long term internal damage. If her feet are in pretty good shape, then it will probably just take time, & frequent trimming to get her back to walking without pain.

Everyone else seems to be doing good. This morning after I let everyone out, Mirage went on a running terror, down the wash, up the driveway, crashing thru the trees & scattering donkeys everywhere. I don't know where Max & Jack were, but they didn't participate. He sure runs pretty.

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